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5 Reasons why should you consider investing in Gold

Gold has been on Earth for centuries. The use of Gold dates back to our ancestors. Fast forward to the 21st century, Gold has been one of the most favorite items to buy for people in India.

Whether it’s for a wedding, as an investment, or for prosperity, Gold has been an integral part of our culture. But the new generation is not acquainted with buying Gold as there are other options that give better returns.

Hence, keeping this in mind, we have found out 5 reasons why a person who has not invested in Gold must start investing.

1. You don’t need to research or have knowledge about it:

When it comes to investing in the stock market or mutual funds, you must study the stock/mutual fund, research its capability of giving returns and then go ahead with the investment. As compared with other kinds of investments, no such study is needed. All you need to do is buy the quantity that you have either planned or can afford.

2. Gold will always have value: 

Since the inception of Gold, the price has never dropped to 0. Now that means Gold will always hold some value even if the market collapses. Now, where would you get an investment like this?

3. Gold is the best way to diversify your investment portfolio: 

Investing in a better way today is by diversifying your portfolio. You can diversify your portfolio by investing in Gold. This is one amazing way to hedge your investment portfolio against market volatility.

4. Gold has the best Liquidity quotient: 

Gold is known to have the best liquidity quotient in the market. You can buy gold and sell it in a shorter time. When you compare this aspect with other investment types, Gold will be the superior of them all.

5. Use your Gold to hedge against Inflation:

In a country like India, inflation rates tend to exceed the current interest rates. In such a scenario it’s best to have investments that can help you hedge your risk against market volatility and inflation. Gold is the best choice of investment to do so as in the last 5 years, even though inflation has risen, even gold prices have doubled.

Apart from these 5 reasons, Gold is an important choice of investment as it has the best long-term store of value. Yes, you can store it for years and still end up selling it for a profit. Isn’t that great? Hence buying Gold will always be a good choice as someday when you need money urgently, you can opt for an Instant Gold loan via Ruloans and get up to 75% of your Gold’s value as the loan amount within a few hours*.

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