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Fund your Dream Wedding This Season with an Instant Personal Loan

December and January are the months with the maximum weddings all over India. There are many auspicious days in these months and the mood is always full of celebrations. Hence with Christmas and New Year around the corner, there are people who would want to get married around this time of the year.

Getting married is one of the biggest decisions for any person and in today’s time it also involves a lot of expenses right from booking the hall/ground, caterers, decorations, dresses, gifts, cards, etc and many more. Some want a destination wedding which jumps the costs even more. These requirements often mean that the couple might not have such funds in order to fulfill their dream wedding. Hence in order to make sure that your dream wedding comes true, we at Ruloans have come up with a solution in order to fulfill this wish. That solution is of an instant personal loan.

Why take a personal loan for my dream wedding?

With the amount from the personal loan, you can clear all your expenses related to the wedding almost immediately. This means you can splurge a lot of money and get what you want which would not have been completely possible if you had to use your savings.

Your savings don’t get impacted as the personal loan amount will take care of it. Hence you can use these savings for many other day to day expenses.

A personal loan can be availed within 48 hours* if you have submitted all your documentation and have a clean record. Yes, sometimes you might get the loan amount sanctioned even earlier than 2 days if your credit score is very good and you have never defaulted on any payments.

Personal loans offer easy flexible payment options. These payment options will help you repay the personal loan at your own pace. You can repay the personal loan amount within 5 years* which means you can pay an EMI as per your budget and convenience.

Finally, with a good credit history, you can get good interest rates, better terms and conditions on personal loans. Hence it is very important to maintain a good credit profile. Make all your bill payments on time and repay all your dues without any default.

In conclusion, getting your dream wish of a wedding can be fulfilled with an instant personal loan.

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