Personal Loan for Medical Emergency

A Medical Emergency Calls For A Personal Loan

Nearly 27% of deaths in India happened due to no medical attention at the time of death. One of the prime reasons is financial. If you have adequate financial support at your end, then you can provide the best medical facilities available to yourself or to your loved ones. For such situations, you should definitely go for a personal loan for a medical emergency.

Reasons you should take a personal loan in your medical emergency.

  1. Medical emergencies are expensive:
    Medical emergencies result in exorbitant unexpected expenses that may land you in a soup. Even a small surgery will cost you more than Rs. 10,000 and that amount does not include hospitalization and other charges. So better take a personal loan for a medical emergency to tackle such high quantum expenses.
  2. You don’t need any collateral:
    A personal loan is a type of unsecured loan. When you take a personal loan for a medical emergency, you get it on the basis of your credit score and financial history. The funds are disbursed by the bank without any collateral. You receive a quick and seamless disbursal upon verification and approval of your loan.
  3. No pressure on your financial plan:
    A medical emergency knocks on your door without any disclaimer or warning. When a medical emergency hits, you may be in the middle of a well thought and executed finance plan of yours. Be it savings, investments or EMIs, your ongoing plan can be disturbed by the uncalled medical emergency.By taking a personal loan for your medical emergency you save your well-worked financial planning from getting disturbed. You just add one minor repayment amount of this personal loan for your medical emergency to your financial plan.
  4. Quick loan approval:
    In medical emergency funds are required quickly to get the best medical facility available. Banks and NBFCs during such exigencies disburse the personal loan for your medical emergency as quickly as within 72 hours* from the application.
  5. Easy repayment:
    Banks and NBFCs offer convenient loan repayment terms for your personal loan for a medical emergency. The tenure ranges from 5 to 7 years. You can also repay your personal loan for a medical emergency by part payment.

Are you facing a medical emergency right now? Then get prepared by taking a personal loan for medical emergency.

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